Sunday, May 1, 2011

Setting Up Turtle Pond and Care of Southern Painted Turtle

Setting up a turtle pond may seem like an easy enough task; however it isn't quite as easy as it may appear. Remember, once you introduce live animals into your pond; the care and time that are required to maintain your pond goes up exponentially.

First, you will need to make sure to dig out and line your pond appropriately, filling it with filtered water or water with purification tablets that will remove any harmful chemicals from the water itself. While many people would prefer to start off with baby turtles; laws in many states forbid owning turtles less than four inches in diameter. You should take some time with your local turtle experts to decide which turtles would fair best in your outdoor environment. The sooner you create, the sooner you can enjoy your new space!

The Southern Painted Turtle (Also known as the Chrysemys Picta Dorsalis) is an ever-popular turtle in the pet trade. Their popularity due in part by the fact that they are extremely personable; this mellow species of turtle makes a wonderful pet for all family members if cared for properly.

This painted turtle ranges greatly in size, from three inches to seven inches depending on the sex of the turtle. The females tend to be the larger of the two sexes, much like most turtle species; making it important to provide ample space for your new Southern Painted Turtle to live in.

Southern painted turtles eat a wide variety of things. From fish, insects, and plant matter they are a hearty breed and easy to feed.


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