Monday, May 10, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Creating Turtle Ponds Can Be Enchanting

Turtle ponds can be delightful spaces that can enchant the whole family and the entire neighborhood.

Water features are an welcome addition to any backyard; and will likely be attractive to many people. There are many options available when creating a pond environment that it is possible for anyone to transform their backyard into a distinctive showplace. For the person that would like more than the natural elements of the pond, perhaps some aquatic life, then a turtle pond should be considered .

What is Involved with Making a Turtle Pond?

An excellent starting point would be to begin researching what species of turtles will thrive in the area that you live in. It is possible to create a pond for nearly every type of turtle. Even a tortoise, that is considered a "land" turtle will enjoy a shallow pond. The tortoise would most likely not spend the majority of its time swimming in the pond so an adequate amount of land would need to provided for the tortoise. A water turtle like a Red-eared slider will spend the majority of their time swimming in the water, so they would need less land. It would be wise to speak with an associate at a neighborhood pet store or possibly do some research on the internet to determine the right chocies for the species of turtle that will inhabit the mini paradise.

After the selection of the turtle breed is done, the next step would like be the selection of the space or area that you will install the turtle ponds. When creating the pool be sure to make some gradually sloping edges so that the turtles can get in and out of the turtle pond with ease. Rocks or sticks can be used to construct natural looking ramps. Spend some time planning the area for the turtle pond. A well though out design will insure that your turtle pond is the home of happy, healthy turtles. Give thought to the type of liner that will be used. Many breeds of turtles have sharp claws so be sure to select a liner that is thick. The drawback on some of the pre-formed liners is the fact that they have pre-formed shelves or levels which are usually not best suited to turtles. The thinner, more flexible liners can be shaped more easily but are much easier to tear. Look at all the options and make any modifications that will be necessary to make the turtle ponds into a safe environment so that the turtles will thrive in their home.

Protecting The Turtles

It will be important to install fencing around the new turtle ponds. This will prevent any turtles from wandering away, and it will keep any predators out. Remember that turtles are usually small. It is possible that their legs or even their heads could become tangled in the mesh fence. They also dig very well, so frequently check the fencing. Depending on the area, a mesh covering may be needed over the top of the turtle ponds to keeps birds away.

Turtle Ponds and Pond Plants

A really fun part of making turtle ponds is the ability to create a tropical feel. Be careful to select plants that are not toxic. The turtles will likely enjoy a little snacking on the pond plants that are in their new environment. Place some rocks around the edges of turtle ponds to provide the turtles with plenty of opportunity to enjoy a sunny day.