Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As a Pet Turtle is Very Easy in Maintenance

If you want an exotic animal in your home. The turtle is a good choice. As a pet turtle is very easy in maintenance.

Food was relatively easy to obtain. Resistance to disease attack is strong enough. Nevertheless knowledge of proper maintenance is needed, so the turtles can live healthier and longer.

Indeed many kinds of turtles. Ranging from the size and color. That's the main attraction. The more rare species can be found will increasingly be unique.

Is not rare that some people hunt for unique species to go abroad because he wanted something different for a turtle as desired.

If you want the turtles to be kept in a pond then select the type of habitat more lives in the swamp. if you want a type that can be kept in a dry container then you must choose which type is to it.

That need to be considered against the turtles are seen cute although you still have to pay attention to nature. especially on children who sometimes these turtles can bite if it feels threatened. But clearly the tortoise remains a better pet than a dog or cat in terms of aggressiveness.