Monday, May 10, 2010

Pet Turtle care: Creating Turtle Ponds

Ponds are an attractive addition to any yard; and appeal to many people. With so many choices of ponds to create, anyone can make their yard a distinctive showplace. For the individual that not only enjoys the elements in a pond; but would like some aquatic life, consider turtle ponds.

What Does It Take To Make Turtle Ponds?

It may be a good place to start by discovering what type of turtle would be best for your turtle ponds area. A pond can be created for any turtle, including the tortoise which is considered more of a "land" turtle; but, they too enjoy shallow water. A tortoise would not spend most of its time in the water; and would need more land space than a water turtle. The Red-eared slider is an aquatic turtle that spends most of their time in the water. There are other breeds of turtles and speaking with a pet store or going on-line to research other breeds will help narrow down the field on the proper choices for the turtle ponds that you wish to create.

After selecting the breed of turtle, the next step is selecting the space to create the turtle ponds. Turtles need to be able to get out of the pool; so, digging out a pool that has some edges and gradually slopes down may work best for the turtle. Ramps, such as sticks or rocks, can also be used as a means to allow the turtle to leave the pool. Turtle ponds need to be well thought out in order for the turtles to thrive. This includes what kind of liner will be used in the pond. As turtles do have sharp claws, some people prefer the pre-fabricated liners that are thick. The shape of these is already set, and many don't have the varying levels for the turtles to climb out of the water. The regular liners are not very thick and can be ripped; but, they can be formed anyway that is desired. Check into both and determine which will work best for the turtle ponds that will be in your yard.

Protecting The Turtles

It is very important to place fencing around the turtle ponds. Not only will this keep the turtles from wandering off, it can keep predators away from the turtles. Keep in mind that turtles are small and their heads and legs can get trapped in the mesh wiring. They can also dig, so check the fencing frequently to prevent runaways. A wiring may be required over the turtle pond as well to keep birds and even raccoons away.

Plants For The Turtle Ponds

Making turtle ponds have a tropical feel is the fun part. Remember, the turtles will probably enjoy snacking on the plants in its new environment, so verify there is nothing dangerous for the turtle. Use rocks around the turtle's pond to give the turtle lots of choices on places to enjoy the sun.

Turtle ponds are a delightful space that will enchant the entire family and neighborhood.