Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: How to care for pet turtle

How to care for pet turtles

Actually many people who want to take care of these cute animals. Besides unique and exotic shapes. The maintenance is also simple. Some steps when you care for pet turtles:
  • Select turtles in trusted pet shop, why? because they usually sell good quality animals.
  • Even though you still have to be careful when deciding which turtle that you want to take home.
  • Do not forget to ask to the pet shop about food for your turtle. choose in pellet shape, because they are more practical.
  • Prepare a container maintenance. You could them put in an aquarium or making a pretty small pond.
  • You can also design the place as the natural environment.
  • Beside you give a food for pet turtle, you should also give a drink. so you must also provide a drink container. If you design a pond for your turtle to the water available to him to have.
  • Turtles also like fruit. So, you can give them as extra food.
You should know that if the maintenance of turtle is good. It will make life of turtles will be longer. So, house cleaning, food and beverages must be absolutely clean.