Monday, May 24, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Spoil Your Pet Turtle With 4 Treats Turtles Love

The most important part of owning a turtle is to make sure that you fully understand pet turtle care. When you know how to care for your turtle properly, you will be able to enjoy many long years with your little friend. You of course want to make sure that your turtle is a happy turtle, since it is bringing you so much joy into your life. To ensure that yours is as happy as a turtle can possibly be, make sure that you are providing him or her with little treats.

1. Outside Play Time
If your turtle is pinned up inside the house all day long, try making sure that he or she gets the opportunity to visit the outdoors once in a while. Take your turtle out into your yard, away from cats or dogs that may attack, and let him or her roam around the yard a little. The natural sunlight is a wonderful way to bring health and happiness to your turtle. You may also find that your turtle finds little pieces of grass or tiny bugs that he or she will enjoy munching on. These fresh snacks are very nutritious and are a nice treat that your turtle will love.

2. Yummy Snacks
If there is a favorite treat that you do not normally buy such as freeze dried shrimp, wax worms or an expensive fruit, depending on the type of turtle you have, you might want to add some into your turtle's food dish for a special treat. You want to make sure that you do not go overboard with the treats though because you have to be careful that the diet you give your turtle is a balanced one.

3. New Cage or Aquarium Furniture
Whether it is a floating ledge for a water aquarium or a nice little cave to hide in for a dry cage, there is something out there that your turtle would love to have added to his or her little enclosure. By adding a little something special to the enclosure of the turtle, you will allow him or her to have something new to explore and make use of.

4. A Play Mate
You can introduce a playmate, such as another turtle of the same breed, into the home of your turtle. It is wise to make sure that you are bringing in the other gender to make sure that there will not be any territory fighting. You also want to make sure that the turtle you bring in is about the same size as the one you already have in order to make sure they are good companions.

In the end, proper pet turtle care is all about doing what is best for your turtle. This includes diet, exercise and cage cleaning but also should include providing love, affection and treats every now and then. You will feel joyful knowing that you are providing everything you possibly can to make sure that your turtle leads a happy life.