Monday, May 24, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Important 5 Tips For Caring Pet Turtle

Having a turtle as a pet means you may have more responsibility then you planned. They need more care then most people are aware. Female and male turtles need separate care. It's important to do your research and make sure you understand how to care for your turtle properly!

The first step in caring for your turtle should be to understand how to tell the difference between female and male turtles. They need different kinds of care so this is important!

Here are the 5 most important tips you should know and understand about caring for your turtle:

1. Environment - It is very important that you understand what type of environment conditions your turtle needs. Different types of turtles need separate kinds of environments. For example -- some may need wet, dry, or both types of habitats! It is critical that you now what is suitable for your turtle to make sure he stays happy and healthy!

2. Diet - Another very important thing to understand is what type of food and diet your turtle needs to stay healthy and happy. Your turtle's food and water should always be fresh. His water should be served in a shallow bowl for easy access. Do your research because different types of turtles need different diets. You should also make sure you don't feed any food that may make your turtle sick!

3. Living Conditions - Some turtles prefer to live alone, while others need company. Turtles with living conditions that aren't correct may become unhappy, unhealthy, lonely, and/or overcrowded. You should read up on your type of turtle to make sure you have this correct.

4. Daily Care - Your turtle needs daily care from you. Most people don't realize that turtles DO need a lot of care. It's important that you realize this and care for your turtle every day. Buying a pet turtle requires a lot of commitment and dedication. They also have a very long lifespan, so you should definitely read into these considerations before buying one.

5. Life Expectancy - You and your turtle may be together for around 30-50 years. If you are not fully committed that number may not be realistic for your situation. This is why it is so important that you completely understand your turtle's needs.

Turtles are really wonderful pets and I'm sure that you'll have a long, amazing life together!