Monday, May 24, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Buy a Pet Turtle

What You Need to Consider Before

Turtles make great pets, which is why you will find lots of pet owners prefer to buy a pet turtle and raise it as their pet. They are fascinating creatures that can live for half of a century or so. We may think that turtles do not need utmost care but actually, they also require enough attention from their caretakers. Some of the species may not be appropriate for little kids who are not yet responsible.

Mostly, a turtle enthusiast may buy a pet turtle among reliable pet stores which are found in every location. Also, a highly recommended source of healthy pet turtles is a breeder of different turtle species. Essentially, breeders are recommended and most preferred because they have room for these animals and they have facilities to care for baby turtles in suitable and sanitary environments. But one thing that should be ensured is that the turtles should not be confined in overcrowded tanks and containers.

Those who buy a turtle from breeders or pet stores have to ensure that the store/breeder is a lot knowledgeable regarding turtles. For instance, you have to let them differentiate the characteristics of turtles and tortoise to avoid confusion. Once you are done choosing the species to bring home, inquire about the pet's diet in order to provide the appropriate nutrition.

Find out the breed or species whenever you buy a turtle for more reference should you have to look for additional feeding and care tips. When choosing a pet, pick one with bright and clear eyes being a sign a hale and hearty turtle. Never choose one with faded or soft shell as well as dry or cracked skin. These can indicate an ailing pet.

To efficiently buy a turtle, you have to consider some characteristics of turtles that will indicate that it is a healthy one. A vigorous turtle should wriggle and try to flee from grip and that it should wiggle its head and legs considerably. Beware of risky salmonella when handling turtles. After handling them, thoroughly wash both hands with soap and clean water.

Buy a pet turtle which is young. Prefer them over adult turtles since younger ones can easily adapt. Arrange an appropriate tank for your turtle. Plus, you can grant it with additional plants and stones inside the tank. And of course, do not fail to supply your pet turtle with sufficient amount of food and fresh water.