Monday, May 10, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Happy and Healthy Turtles Can Be Easy

The care of pet turtles can be simple and fun but requires some forethought and planning, much like any other pet.

There are different kinds of turtles you can look into owning, including aquatic turtles (for example, sliders and painted turtles) and terrestrial turtles (box turtles, tortoises, etc.). To ensure the proper care of pet turtles, you need to pick a turtle that is most suited to your own household and your ability to provide it a good life.

Main concerns of a turtle keeper:

1. Enclosure/housing
2. Diet/food
3. Lighting

Lighting? Yes, lighting. Turtles require UV-B lighting for proper shell development. That is why you see them sitting on logs in the wild basking in the sun. This lighting can be provided by UV bulbs designed especially for reptile use. Mercury vapor bulbs are now available that will provide both the UV-B lighting and the heat required. Eliminating the need for a separate heat lamp.

Another important part of the care of pet turtles is diet. Most pet turtles' diets can include fresh vegetables, romaine lettuce being one of the most popular choices. (Avoid iceberg lettuce, it has limited food value and can cause digestive issues in some turtles.)

Other foods that are good for certain turtles are earthworms, cut pieces of fresh fish, cantaloupe and dandelion greens.

Proper enclosures are dependent on what kind of turtles you intend to keep. Aquatic turtles need water that is deep enough to swim in as well as a dry area for basking under a UV light. terrestrial turtles do not need water to swim in but some clean water to drink is vital for the proper care of pet turtles.

While turtles are easier to care for than certain kinds of pets, they do still need love and attention as well as the proper environment and diet to be able to have a healthy life. Depending on the type of turtle you choose you will need to do a bit of research in order to know what kind of environment that they need to live in and what they require for food.

Keeping turtles doesn't have to be difficult. It can be simple and fun...with a little research and some good information you'll be well on your way.

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There are many good resources available on-line regarding the care of pet turtles. It's important to have the right info in order to keep your turtles happy and healthy. Having the correct knowledge could save your turtle's life!