Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Vacations That Make a Difference - Save Sea Turtles

Pet Turtle Care

This year, 2010, is the year to make a difference; this means in every area of our life, including vacations. How great to experience one of the great vacation spots in the world and also give back with volunteer work to save the Sea Turtles.

North of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on the Pacific Coast is a place called Platanitos Sea Turtle Camp and what they do is gather the eggs that the female sea turtle lay in the sand and put them in incubators to hatch and then they are released in late summer and early fall.

All of this work takes loads of volunteers along with the locals to do this daunting task, and of course it is all done with love and devotion. So this is something you can time your vacation around and it is also a perfect way to teach your children about biology and sea turtles while still enjoying a vacation.

The sea turtles are a dark gray color and when born are about the size of a silver dollar and when full size can be as large as 2 to 2 ½ feet long and weigh 80 to 110 lbs. They have been on the endangered list now since 1978, but with the work of these dedicated volunteers more and more of the sea turtles are surviving. The female turtle lays about
80 to 100 eggs each, but, if they weren't gathered by government agencies and sanctuaries they would fall prey to all sorts of animals and of course humans, who can be their worst enemy of all because of poachers being able to sell one egg for at least $10.

So what a wonderful way to save the environment, the turtles and still go on vacation and enjoy the area around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. There is lodging right on and near the camp; which is large enough for a family and at moderate prices, which includes kitchens so you can do your own cooking and do your shopping in local villages. Most of the turtle nesting goes on from June through October and the eggs hatch from August to December, so start planning your educational volunteer vacation today to give back something this year, rather than taking.

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