Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Adopting Happy Aquarium Sea Turtles

Pet urtle Care

One of the most common and strongest desires of Happy Aquarium players is to adopt a baby sea turtle. They are cute and fun, not to mention your adoption saves them from the atrocious fate that would await them otherwise. Acquiring your own sea turtle can be a laborious challenge. Its certainly still fun, and the reward is well worth it once you have gone through all the necessary steps. Here are a few ways you can speed up the process of adopting one of these adorable critters.

How To Begin Adopting a Baby Sea Turtle

In order to adopt, you need to go out and find some neighbours. You cannot get your own turtle in Happy Aquarium. Instead, you may get notification that a sushi chef has found a turtle, and it will soon be soup. If you decide to post the notification on Facebook and save the poor creature, your friends then have the opportunity to adopt it. The first friend to click on the posted notification in the news feed and adopt the turtle will then have it added to their tank.
Once you have a baby turtle in your tank, it takes 72 hours to raise them to adulthood and sell them. You can have more than one at a time, and the total profit for each is over 100 coins! This is why having a heap of friends is a bonus.

Other Ways to Get Sea Turtles

As described above, you must get your primary baby sea turtle by clicking on a friend's notification. It's also possible, however, to use your pearls and buy special limited edition sea turtles from the Happy Aquarium shop. They turn up in the shop in a variety of colours to brighten up your tank. Be that as it may, your simplest path to a turtle is to make sure you get as many friends as you can in the game and spend a decent amount of time logged in each day.

The root of prosperity in any Facebook game is to have plenty of neighbours. Happy Aquarium is no different. Finding people who are as dedicated to the game as you are can be pivotal in your progress. Never underestimate the benefits you will gain from adding neighbours and posting notifications. Then again, those baby sea turtles sure do look cute floating around in your tank.