Monday, August 30, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Eighty-Six Percent of Sea Turtles Are on the Brink of Extinction

Pet Turtle Care

According to foreign media reports, in the existing seven kinds of sea turtles, there are six kinds of species on the brink of extinction, which accounted for 86%. Also, there is a trend of further reduction in the number. Scientists have called for a stronger protection of sea turtles as soon as possible.

Sea turtles are the reptiles living in the ocean. There are seven kinds, including hawksbill, the leatherback turtle, green turtle, red turtle, olive ridley, flat back turtles and Kemp's turtles. But over the past century, the other six kinds except flat back turtles, the number had reduced quickly, even to be extinction.

So, what makes the turtles in the brink of extinction? Some professionals said that, there are a lot of factors threatening their survival. For example, human's over fishing, a large of natural enemies damaged the turtle eggs, light pollution effected the directional ability on nesting female sea turtles when they laid their eggs and the coral reefs and other habitat destruction. In addition, the turtle's long life and slow sexual maturation are also the very important factors.

For example, the red turtle takes 12 to 30 years to reach sexual maturity, hawksbill turtles take 30 years, while green turtles require 20-50 years. Such a long time of sexual maturity makes them easily affected by various factors, also the recovery process is very long after plummeted.

Sea turtle is of great significance to human and biosphere. It is not only an important species to maintain the marine ecological balance, but also helpful in monitoring changes in the environment. While we must solve all the factors that made turtles are in the brink of extinction if we want to protect them.

In order to better protect them around the world, some countries invested a large number of money to protect them, mainly for restoration and maintenance of their habitats. These funds can be alleviated some turtles in a certain degree, but the most important thing is to make people fully understand the status of sea turtles and enhance the protection awareness, and also actively refuse a variety of sea turtle products.

Only all the forces together can really play a role in the protection. To protect the turtles is a long-term task, like a relay race. Although in the whole life of a protector, there might be small results. However, in the long run, some protectors make all the forces together through national governments, ecological conservation organizations and fisheries organizations. In this way, the endangered sea turtles will get out of the situation and will be able to once again become prominent. In fact, this is also the human beings to protect themselves.