Monday, May 3, 2010

Pet Turtle Care: Feeding Your Pet Turtle

For having pets there are no limitations of age groups. Everyone enjoys their own type of pets. People love to keep cats, dogs, fishes or even turtles as pet animals. Turtles are great pets and many people prefer keeping them.

Feeding your pet turtle is mainly an essential aspect in regards to their health and you will really enjoy feeding activity with your turtle. However before enjoying the feeding activity, you have to learn about turtle diet that is full of nutrition. If you do not feed your turtle, it will keep on hungry. Contrasting with warm blooded pets, turtles are not dependant on their metabolism mechanism.

Usually turtles do not eat easily or readily according to your settled plan. The most important thing is to search out what is mandatory to feed your turtle. Otherwise you will lose your pet turtle. Turtles are timid in nature which is the biggest hindrance in feeding them.

Firstly you have to create a place where you always feed your pet turtle. Throughout the summer, try to feed your pet turtle in the shaded place. One major reason that your turtle may not feed properly is the climate. Turtles do not eat when the weather is too hot.

Turtles Most Favorite Food

Normally turtles love to eat snails, grubs, fallen fruit, flowers, beetles, mushrooms, caterpillars, carrion, grasses, earthworms and berries. Turtles only taste the food which smells safe to eat.

You need to plan your turtles diet according to what it wants to eat; don't take your comfort as it will hinder in the feeding process. Turtle only eats what it likes and feels good to eat. You have to feed all the food stuff in moderation, for keeping your turtle's health.

Keep an eye on your turtle while feeding it and observe what it really likes to eat. If you get succeeded in finding what it really loves to eat then you will be successful for maintaining its health.

For example if your pet turtle likes snails then make a plate of chopped snails and mix it with the berries or some grasses. Otherwise you can also make a plate of snails with flowers and beetles. Try to add up more variety in the food of your turtle. This will give variations in the taste.

You can also feed your pet turtle weekly with a fish. And for giving it an entertainment, you can just leave them with a fish in aquarium and let it eat the fish. This can also be a way of making turtle exercise, because turtles love to hunt.

Balanced Diet is must to feed your pet turtle

You can easily find balanced food items for your pet turtle from normal grocery markets. Usually any type of food stuff can feed well if give in the moderate form. But you need to add up all the essential nutritious items. At one time you can feed it with vegetables, fruits and proteins, while in the next feed you can give it leafy vegetables and mushrooms. This variety in food items gives you pet turtle all the necessary vitamins and minerals for sustaining the better health.

Feed Separately

Feeding your turtle where they live in the box or in the aquarium is not the right way. Always feed them outside their resting place, as it avoids making place messy.

No doubt turtles are interesting pets that give you lots of fun in your daily life. Therefore, you really need to be cautious about the factors that affect your pet turtle's health - most importantly feeding them with nutritional diet.