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Pet Turtle Care : Easy to Find Exotic Types of Turtles

Pet Turtle Care

If you are going to get a turtle as your pet then you will probably visit a local pet store. The types of turtles that you will find in common pet stores around United States are native ones. This local native types of turtles are recommended for beginner turtle keepers. But, in time, if you have some experience with turtle care you can consider to buy some exotic types of turtles. The problem with exotic turtles is that if they aren't born in captivity then they will hardly adapt. but with proper care having an exotic turtle as your pet is not impossible.

One of the most common types of turtles in the United States pet stores is the Reeves Turtle. It's a small type of turtle that has some kind of rectangular shape. The carapace has a browny colour and the skin is green with yellow stripes. They are originary from Asia. they can be feed with different types of vegetables, worms, fish or turtle food. The turtle care guideline is similar to the sliders turtles.

Two other types of turtles would be Asian Yellow Pond Turtle (Mauremys mutica) and the Asian Leaf Turtle (Cyclemys dentata). They look much alike the Reeve's Turtle regarding size and shape. The coloration is predominated by yellow and brown. Keep in mind that are more therestrial turtles than the sliders and so they need a larger basking and land area. Following the turtle care advice for the Reeve's turtle you should have any problems in growing them.

The African Mud Turtle was recently imported in a large number. These types of turtles, although they are mud turtles, are very much alike the Painted turtles. They have brown carapace with yellow or gray skin. You can try to setups a slider enclousure for them and you shouldn't have any problems.

There are some other types of turtles that can be found in the pet stores but if you are really looking for a special type of exotic turtle than you should contact a reptile seller. There was a time when you could find Snake-neck turtles and Big-headed turtles on the pet stores market and maybe in time they will be imported in larger numbers again. This types of turtles have a really special look that you won't forget. The Snake-neck turtles have a very long neck, almost as long as their carapace. Big-headed Turtles, like their name says have a huge head that can't even retract in the shell.

So all in all there are some types of exotic turtles on the United States pet market but if you are a beginner in growing turtles then i advise you to take a native one in your home.

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