Friday, March 20, 2009

Pet Turtle Care : Turtle Care Guide For Kids

Pet Turtle Care

Turtles Care Guide will be helpful especially if the parents themselves are not familiar with turtles.

Learning how to take care of turtles could serve as a nice special time of bonding between the children and their parents.

Most parents do not want to expose their children to complicated animals at an early age, so they turn to turtles as pets. The perfect time to get a pet turtle is when your child is between 6 to 10 years of age. They are past the toddler stage and have a longer attention span.

There are many types of turtles that you can choose from. Obviously the kind you should adopt is the small one. You could choose between a terrestrial or aquatic type of turtle. This depends on how committed your children will be in taking care of their pet turtle.

You want to make the first pet experience of your child a special one, so you should help them in any way possible. A pet dying instantly could leave a horrible emotional scar on your children.

So here are turtle tips you could use to help your kids take care of their very first pet.

1. Turtle tanks should obviously be kept clean at all times. Allow your children to clean small tanks or bowls. It should be emphasized that they only do this under your supervision. Getting a terrestrial turtle might make the job easier because their tanks will not be as complicated taking care of an aquatic tank.

2. Leave reminders and notes about turtle care for your children to see. Make sure your children can understand your little notes. Even simple notes like "wash your hands after touching the turtle" is important because children often forget to clean up.

3. Bring your children along when you visit the veterinarian to check up on the turtle health of your pet. When they see that there is a doctor actually taking care of their pet turtle, they will not think that the turtle is just a toy for them to play with and not take seriously.

4. You can leave the feeding responsibility to your kids, but you still have to double check that your kids are feeding the right amount of turtle food to their beloved pets.

5. Instruct children about the care of turtles properly and make sure they understand.

There are a lot of pet stores that have a variety of turtle for sale. It is best to do your research about turtle info before you purchase a turtle. You should always buy from a legitimate pet store because at least you are assured that the turtle you are buying is safe for your children.