Friday, March 27, 2009

Pet Turtle Care : Learn How to Take Care of Turtles Before You Buy Live Turtles For Sale

Pet Turtle Care

Most potential turtle owners are unaware that most pet turtles require a dry as well as a wet habitat, and that the temperature of these should be conducive for the turtle's well-being. A turtle needs a lot of fresh food. Clean, fresh water should be kept in a shallow bowl and should be readily accessible to the turtle. You should have the knowledge to be able to recognize the difference between male and female turtles because of their different care requirements.

Feeding A Proper Diet To Your Pet Turtles -

One needs to be sure that they are feeding their pet turtle the proper turtle food to sustain its life and be healthy. Generally turtles require fresh vegetables such as lettuce to stay healthy. However, there are species of turtles that require a meat based diet too.

Your Baby Turtle Will Not Stay A Baby For Long -

Usually one gets a baby turtle and then is amazed to see of fast the baby turtles turns into an adult. Obviously the food intake of your turtle increases when it becomes an adult but more importantly if you didn't foresee the rapid growth of your turtle and purchased a turtle habitat that is too small be prepared to be set back by $200 to $1000.

Caring For Turtles -

You should also know that turtles require daily care. Another popular myth is that turtles hibernate for months. This is untrue, so making sure that somebody is taking care of your pet turtles if your planning to go out of town. Checking your turtle on a regular and systematic basis to detect any early signs of an illness is also a must.s

If you do eventually decide to keep turtles as pets its important that you stay committed to their care to have a happy, healthy pet turtle. I've prepared the most complete Turtle Care Guide that answers all the questions of any potential or current turtle owner:

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